The sciences of our ancestors enriched and refined with the modern technology.
These are the ideas behind the project François-Visage; a new cosmetic label made up of sustainable and regenerative biological ressources.
The recipe is a family heritage, that has been developed and modernized by one of the bests laboratories in Germany to get contemporary care products.
Well known commodities with exceptional results.

The best mix from two cultures.
Bringing together the best from different cultures.
The main thought that inspired the team behind François-Visage was living in correlation with our environment, just as our ancestors used to do. It was imperative for the team to treat our environment with care by using renewable and sustainable products. The ecological way of living of our ancestors could be an orientation.

Due to the overwhelming cooperation between two cultures such as the modern manufacturing techniques and well proven and tested properties namely the good filling and storage in the latest airless tube.
The well-known institute DERMATEST has given to the products of François-Visage the ratings “very good and excellent”
François-Visage is green technology in terms of sustainability.

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