Combining tradition with modern culture


We are a growing local company based out of Munich Germany. Our company culture is united by the goal to provide products that inspire a positive change. Here at François Visage we know that big changes don’t all happen at once, but instead by compilations of smaller events. By creating a dermatological line that utilizes a traditional family recipe, we have created a product that connects to a community, a way of life and a planet. Our products are beneficial for all. All skin types, ages, genders and species. We do not condone the use artificial or synthetically enhanced ingredients nor do we allow them to be tested on animals.


In 2009 we decided it was time for a change in beauty. Not just the products on the market, but the standards.
The  François Visage team believed that our current society held too much of a focus on personal modification instead of personal promotion. Therefore we came up with a way to utilize an old family recipe for a new approach to beauty. With this new line of skin care, our goal was to offer a product that would highlight and nourish ones natural beauty, as opposed to other products on the market that aimed to change it.

François Visage is not about creating a artificial allure, but simply taking care of your delicate natural beauty. Celebrate who you are, where you came from and where you are going.

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